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From a recent one-day workshop/retreat in Texas

Overall Report: The Resources Retreat was successful and has energized a significant number of [organization] members/attenders with the motivation to continue the process of discerning how [our organization] as a whole should address the spirit led use of our resources.

From participants in the Texas Workshop/Retreat: 

[The retreat design] was very effective in generating a wealth of ideas for our [organization] to explore…It was helpful to have an experienced neutral facilitator to help keep us on track as we went through the day’s activities. 

Tom helpfully reflected what was said and guided the discussions unobtrusively…Good communal experience, warm, encouraging, thoughtful.

From participants in other workshops:

I have been in many workshop-like situations with Tom, dealing with many different topics. He has a very inclusive style of leadership, listening carefully to the concerns of those attending, while also maintaining the frame of the workshop so that the substance of our time together is focused ... 

Tom is very good at keeping himself centered during stressful times (and making sure he has centering support around him). He is always well prepared before he begins any workshop…[In one matter extending over a number of years, Tom was faced with multiple “difficult people” in multiple settings. I have seen him gracefully manage to re-center individuals.

E.E., Counselor

I know that Tom prepares thoroughly, and can also show flexibility and adaptability where needed. He is knowledgeable, and he knows the power and limitation of words. Tom is sensitive to the fact that people have different learning styles. With that in mind, he designs workshops with different kinds exercises and opportunities.

J.H., Educator