Tom Rothschild, Master Facilitator

Tom Rothschild, Master FacilitatorTom Rothschild, Master FacilitatorTom Rothschild, Master Facilitator

It takes the Whole Community to Make the Vision Live


For over two decades Tom Rothschild has worked in mediation and facilitation of groups and organizations. He helps them come to a common unity of vision, direction, resolution of problems.


Tom's Unique Approach

    Tom Rothschild has worked at the intersection of facilitation, mediation, and conflict resolution for over two decades. His work to help organizations grow into a common unity – a community – of wholeness, purpose and direction, informed by his outlook and experience as a Quaker and fifty years of experience as a lawyer in public service for the poor and in private practice. 

    In this time of divisiveness throughout society, Tom can guide your organization to move past labels such as "conflict" which often oversimplify and inflame the situation, creating space to plumb the depth and scope of all that confronts you, creating unity for finding the way forward. 

    The community formed through the way decisions are made is as important as the decisions themselves.